Friday, August 11, 2017

SSC Paper SCIENCE Maharashtra Board

SSC Paper SCIENCE Maharashtra Board

Q.1.Fill in the Blanks (3)
1. Halogens belong to group ______ in modern periodic table.
2. The second period contains ________ elements
3. Elements showing properties of both metals and non metals are called as _________.

Q.2.True or False (2)
1. Period number 5 is an incomplete period.
2. There are 7 periods in modern periodic table.

Q.3.Answer the following(Any Five) (10)
1. Write any two merits of Mendleev’s periodic table.
2. Give Reason : Metallic character decreases from left to right in a periodic table.
3. State any two demerits of Mendeleev’s periodic table.
4. Distinguish between normal and transition elements.
5. Give Reason : Atomic size increases down the group.
6. Write any two merit of modern periodic table over Mendeleev’s periodic table.

Q.4. Describe the four blocs of modern periodic table.    (5)